Welcome to The Flowerbarrow:

We have been supplying stunning, fresh, eye catching flowers since 1998 and are proud to have gained a reputation for our unique designs and great quality. We are passionate in our creations and take inspiration from your needs and wants to ensure you always get something that stands out. Nothing gives us more pride than knowing our work always exceeds your expectations so we target this and bring it to everything we do.

However, do not let our name fool you into thinking we simply supply great flowers. 

We have also been working to supplying new and exciting Balloon arrangements and displays for even longer since the owner of The Flowerbarrow completed her training to become a Certified Balloon Artist back in 1997. Some of our projects have seemed challenging and impossible and yet they always seem to succeed and amaze not only our customers but often ourselves.

Taking a step away from the creative to support our town of Sherborne in its time of need when its only Greengrocer was closed, we stepped up to the mark and quickly converted our large covered outdoor display space into a very original themed fruit and veg stall that has been going strong ever since, with new fresh product delivered daily from local and international suppliers  at the most competitive prices.

Another new and exciting venture for us is the more recent addition of Antique China Hire to our ever broadening list of services. This started a very small collection of items that took our fancy to suddenly expand to over 200 items of varying styles and designs that can add a unique touch to your event.

Together with this we can easily supply a fully colour co-ordinated event decor due to our large stock of other essential items such as table decorations, confetti, chair covers and many other items.

We have even more recently teamed up with a local event production company that can supply sound, lighting and video to any size event and have a number of DJ's when required.

So if your looking for any of these services for any occasion or event, please feel free to take a look at our dedicated pages, request and apoint ment, place an order onling or just contact us and im sure we'll be able to help.